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Established in 1994, Alert IT Solutions, Inc. is the trusted leader in providing specialized IT Projects Resourcing and Consulting services to government agencies in the State of Illinois. Alert IT Solutions, Inc. has over 25 years of relevant experience in the Information Technology industry in the public sector. Alert IT Solutions’ relationships with the State of Illinois agencies spans over a decade serving locations in Chicagoland area, Springfield, and throughout all of Illinois to meet its technology and IT staffing needs. Alert IT Solutions is a partner that understands the mission of State of Illinois agencies and is a perfect fit for always delivering proven results on time, within budget, and in project scope.

323110 – Advertising materials
323111 – Advertising materials
334611 – CD-ROM, software, mass-producing
423430 – Game software merchant wholesalers
541511  – Custom Computer Programming Service
541512  – Computer System Design Service/Consulting
541513  – Computer Facilities Management Services
541690  – Scientific & Technical Consulting
541612  – HR Consulting Services
541690  – Scientific & Technical Consulting

Notable Achievements

- The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) awarded a multi-year contract to Alert IT Solutions to provide (13) IT consultants to assist with the business and technical elements for the implementation of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD 10) and the Health Plan Identifier (HPID) Federally mandated initiatives. Alert IT’ Project Manager, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts and Medical Coding Experts collaborating with HFS’s Project Manager successfully implemented one of the most complex and federally mandated solution for Illinois State Medicaid Agency. Alert IT’s resources worked with the state team and successfully completed ICD-10 implementation ahead of schedule and within budget. This was a major achievement for our client HFS and for Alert IT Solutions, which had impact on the entire healthcare system in Illinois.

- The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) awarded a contract to Alert IT Solutions Inc. to provide Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Developers and QA Analysts for the IDES Benefit Information System (IBIS) & Illinois Job Link System (IJL) maintenance and support. Alert IT Completed this multi-year long, multi million-dollar project successfully in the year 2015. Alert IT staff consistently exceeded client expectations to meet its ongoing business goals of timely delivery of benefits and job placements for Illinois citizens.

- The Illinois Department of Employment Security awarded another multi-year contract to Alert IT Solutions Inc. to provide (18) qualified Information Technology (IT) Specialists to complete and implement needed enhancements and upgrades to its Unemployment Insurance Benefit System (Illinois Benefit Information System [IBIS]).  IT Specialists included four (4) IT Business Analysts, four (4) User Acceptance Testers, two (2) Legacy System Developers, seven (7) Senior Java Developers, and one (1) DB2/WebSphere Database Administrator. Alert IT Solutions was the primary vendor who delivered requested business solutions for IBIS and IJL projects on time and within budget.

- Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a multi-year contract to Alert IT Solutions Inc. for supplying specialized temporary employees by service title for services not currently covered by the CMS master contract in 2012. IEPA renewed this contract for another four (4) years and is still currently active.

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